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MintakaTwo circles intersecting in a doctrinaire fashion with four steps each and with vastly different radii.
Mirror Hexagonal PrismA bumped version of the 3x3x3 hexagonal prism.
Mirror Illusion 2x2x2 Inside 3x3x3Mixing pieces of two mass produced Mirror Cubes, the result gives the oillusion of a 2x2x2 inside of a 3x3x3

Mirror Illusion 3x3x3 SiameseMixing pieces of two mass produced Mirror cubes. It seems that there is a 2x2x2 fused with a 3x3x3.
Mirror Ilusion Inside SiameseThe counterpart of the Mirror Illusion 3x3x3 Siamese, made with their respective inverse subsets.
Mirror Ilusion SofaA mixing of pieces from two different Mirror Blocks that give the illusion of a sofa.

Mirror Siamese IllusionMixing and gluing pieces of four mass produced Mirror cubes. The result seems like two pairs of fused cubes.
Monkey-Cat cubeA simple hybrid combining two symmetrical cuts of corner turning hexahedron with three copter cuts.
Moon MasterballA rail-less one-layered Masterball.

MoonstoneA Basic Gem with an additional type of turn.
Morpho DeidamiaA Curvy Copter Extreme without the face pieces.
Morpho HelenaMorpho Deidamia with edge turns that allow for another type of turn.

Morpho Helenor OctaviaA 2x2x2 combined with a Curvy Copter which edge turns are split up every 45.
Morpho MarinitaMorpho Deidamia with edge turns that allow for another type of turn.
Multi Rex Rhombic DodecahedronThe Rex Rhombic Dodecahedron with additional windows in the central pieces revealing the inner mechanism.

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