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5x5x5 Hexagonal PrismA 5x5x5 transformed into the shape of a hexagonal prism.
5x5x5 Illusion ballA spherical 5x5x5 with two colours. It allows a multitude of patterns.
5x5x5 InfinityTwo 2x2x5-blocks chopped away in a 5x5x5 that is still playable.

5x5x5 Mirror Tilt cubeA 5x5x5 with 3d-printed extensions to give every piece an individual shape.
5x5x5+SkewbA cube with a hybrid axis system that combines four face turn cuts and one corner turn cut.
5x8x8A pillowed 5x8x8. Made from a 8x8x8.

6x6x6 Flat StarA higher order version of the flat star.
7x7x7 Hi-Vis CubeA sticker variant of a 7x7x7 implemented with just two colours.
7x7x7 MastermorphixA 7x7x7 transformed into the shape of a Reuleaux tetrahedron.

7x7x7 Penrose CubeA 7x7x7 truncated into three round surfaces in a spiral pattern.
8x10x12A bandaged 12x12x12 with 3D printed extensions.
8x8x8 IllusionThe illusion cube with 8 layers.

A Kiss is not just a KissA 1x2x3 painted with a scheme inspired by Gustav Klimt.
A mi kockánkThe Puzzle of us all - hungarian edition
AI PenroseAn AI Cube transformed into a Penrose.

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