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Fully Functional Siamese DominoTwo 2x3x3's fused into one puzzle with an exciting turns that allows exchanging of pieces between both halves.
Fuse Mirror ArmchairOne half of a Fused Cube implemented with a Bump Cube and an inverted block.
Fused Horror CubeThe Horror Cube combined with the Fused Cube.

Fused Illusion CubeA pair of Fused 3x3x3 but with one cube modified to make it appear like a 2x2x2.
Fused MastermorphixA Mastermorphix bandaged like a Fused Cube.
Fused PenroseThe Penrose Cube combined with the bandaging pattern of the Fused Cube

GacruxTwo intersecting circles with eightfold turns but not in steps of 45. A jumbling-only puzzle.
GallaTrapAnother face turning tetragonal trapezohedron with an alternate sweet spot.
GardenA Mixup cube with eight pieces were turned by 90.

Gear Cube 3x3x3 Magic CubeA reduced version of the Bloomy Gears, without the 2x2x2 turns.
Gear Cylinder Magic CubeThe reduced Gear Cube reshaped into a cylinder.
Gear hexagonal prismA mass produced Gear Cube in shape of a hexagonal prism.

Gear Shift PenroseA Gear Shift truncated into the shape of a Penrose Cube.
Gear Sphere Magic CubeThe reduced Gear Cube reshaped into a sphere.
GearboxFive cog wheels on one axis turned with different step widths every turn.

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