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Satelite 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with eight additional circles rotating with a side turn.
Screw 1x2x3A successor to the Screw Cube but with a smaller cuboid as base.
Screw 2x2x4The concept of Screw 2x2x3 applied to a 2x2x4

Screw 2x2x5The concept of Screw 2x2x3 applied to a 2x2x5
Shadow DodecahedronThe jumbling-only axis system of a face turning pentagonal dipyramid implemented inside of a dodecahedron.
Shadow HexahedronA shape transformation of the Hexcopter 12 Curvy a jumbling only puzzle with the axis system of the face turning hexagonal dipyramid.

Shadow TetrahedronA face turning triangular dipyramid in shape of a tetrahedron with randomly shaped splines instead of straight cuts.
Shallow Mixup deltoidal icositetrahedronThe Shallow Mixup Cube in shape of a deltoidal icositetrahedron is fudged to remove all bandaging.
ShaulaThree intersecting circles each with three steps and with different distances between the centers. All that with a doctrinaire puzzle.

Shaula 2An unbandaged version of Shaula.
Shen longA 2x2x2 in shape of a dragon head with the fitting stand.
Shooting StarA pentultimate with inverted faces and extended corner, transforming the shape into a Rhombic Hexecontahedron.

Si XiangA Duomo customly painted with figures steeming from chinese mythological.
Siamese Fisher+WindmillA Fisher Cube and a Windmill Cube fused into a Siamese puzzle
Siamese Square-1 IITwo samples of the Square-1 fused into one common puzzle.

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