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Multi-24-CubeThe concept of the Multi-Puzzles applied to a 24 cube.
Multi-2x2x2+SkewbCould be viewed as a shape variant of the Super Z if there weren't the inner pieces resembling the Master Skewb.
Multi-Star Wheel CubeA cube with hybrid axis system. The face turning parts allows for fractional angles of 45.

Multi-StarminxA Starminx with some internal pieces exposed and stickered.
N64 Gamecube 2x2x2Two 2x2x2s emulating the logos for the N64 and the GameCube from Nintendo
Naughty TetrapodA truncated tetrahedron with a mechanism that combines one cut in its half with six copter cuts located in three planes perpendicular to each other.

NautilusA Nautilus remodeled after the animal that gave the original puzzle its name.
NecronomicubeA Pentacle Cube painted customly to resemble the Necronomicon.
Neon InvasionA 3x3x3 customly painted to make sense of the use of a fluorescent colour.

Not bandaged 2A simplified version of "Not bandaged" with one additional turnable side.
Not bandaged 6x6x6A bandaged 6x6x6 designed to extend the concept of the "Not bandaged" to a 6x6x6.
NouminxThe concept of the Megamoid implemented halfway.

NuribouA customly stickered 3x3x3 based on the number game of the same name.
O4 CubeA Mixup Cube with all corners bandaged together and hidden in what does not look like a twistypuzzle.
OctagramAn octagonal prism with cuts so deep that three types of pieces are present.

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