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Customly 3D-printed
Rex 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with the top and bottom faces remodelling the Rex Cube.
Rex Icosahedron (aka RICO)A Rex Cube with extensions that give it the shape of an icosahedron.
Rhombdo CopterThe rhombic dodecahedron equivalent to the Curvy Copter. A jumbling only puzzle.

Rhombdo Copter PlusAn edge turning Rhombic Dodecahedron. A jumbling-only puzzle with 24 axes.
Rhombi GemA face turning rhombic dodecahedron with only with jumbling turns.
Rhombic SpartacusA hybrid of Pentultimate and Radiolarian 3 in the shape of a Rhombic Dodecahedron

RhombiCeltic PlusThe Edge Turning Rhombic Dodecahedron with an additional type of cuts.
Rhombicosidodecahedron 3x3x3A 3x3x3 in shape of the namegiving solid.
Rhomdo CometThe shape and axis system of the Rhomdo reduced to the simplest possible puzzle.

Rhomdo CopterThe Rhomdo Comet in shape of a cube.
Rhomdo PlusA Rhomdo with one set of additional split between pieces.
Rhomdo Transformer UnbandagedOscar van Deventer's Rhomdo Transformer with one level of unbandaging

Riddle SkewbThe Offset Skewb which allows 60 turns.
Risas FractureA fractured variant of the Jumble Trap
RoundaboutOne rotation with four rings of marbles that can be combined into one continous ring.

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