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Customly 3D-printed
Octa DominoAn octagonal prism with two layers.
OctaBallPrismAn almost spherical octagonal prism with three layers.
Octahedral ToruA Toru in shape of an octahedron with spherical cuts.

Octahedron 5-Compound SkewbA skewb in the shape of the namegiving solid.
OctamegaminxA megaminx redesigned to have the shape of an octahedron but unlike its predecessors, it was twisted inside of its solid.
OctaPrism (1 layer)An octagonal prism one layer high.

OctaPrism (3 layer)An octagonal prism three layers high.
OctateroThe 3x3x3 + Skewb in shape of an octahedron.
Odd ConnectionA 1x3x3 and a Tetraminx fused into one puzzle.

Offset Clover CubeThe Clover Cube made into an edge turning puzzle that is jumbling only.
Offset Square-1/2 EqualA Square-1/2 puzzle with a symmetric middle cut and layers offset by 45.
Offset TetrahedronA Master Tetrahedron with an axis system turned inside of the solid.

One At A TimeTwo intersecting rings with three non-intersecting circles connected by gears.
One layered triangular prismA minimalistic floppy kind of puzzle as a triangular prism.
Orbit CubeA 3x3x3 with four circles on each face. These rotate with each turn in the same direction.

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