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Customly 3D-printed
Master Hexa FloppyThis is the master version of the Hexa Floppy.
Master Quadrant BallA redesigned spherical 4x4x4 with eighteen circles with four segments each in the faces and edges.
Master TRIvial circlesA custom redesigned version of the Puzzler with an unseen colour scheme.

Masterball 5A Masterball with five instead of four layers.
Matryoshka CubeTwo different subsets of the 3x3x3 with one turn per axis in one puzzle.
MegaflowerA remodelled version of the Megacopter with a slightly different set of piece types.

MegahexA megaminx in shape of a hexagonal prism with only distinguishable pieces.
Megaminx SlippedA puzzle halfway between the Axis Megaminx and the Ghost Megaminx.
Melancholy SpacecraftA transformation of the 113+6 Geode Cube model in the form of Truncated Rhombohedron, but with deeper equatorial cuts.

Menger VoidThe 2nd iteration fo the Menger Sponge turned into a puzzle.
Mental BumpA bumped version of Tony Fisher's classic shape variant.
Meshing DominoesA square and a pentagonal domino connected with gears.

MeteorA variant of Lorente's Sphere with elevated corner pieces.
MeteoriteA face turning Associahedron. A jumbling only face turning triangular dipyramid plus three doctrinaire turns.
Micro 5x5x5 (35 mm)An incredibly small 3D-printed 5x5x5.

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