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Customly 3D-printed
Organic Heart 2x2x2A Ghost 2x2x2 in shape of a Heart, resembling the organ.
OrpheusA hybrid of 2x2x2 and DeCETH.
Padlock CubeA 3x3x3 with bars attached to two edges. This concept implements a new type of bandaging.

Pandora Square-1The Square-1 XP redesigned with moves resembling the Pandora Cube.
Panex DuoA doubled version of the classic Panex with five columns and an empty one.
Panex GalaxyA redesigned version of the classic Panex with three columns and an empty one.

Panex JuniorA simplified version of the original Panex with two columns.
PeckyA twisty puzzle version of Amazon's HR mascot, Pecky.
Penrose Dino CubeA Dino Cube truncated into three round surfaces in a spiral pattern.

Penta Crazy EdgeA pentagonal prism with two layers for all six axes.
Penta Time MachineA pentagonal prism with three sets of cuts, including two circles copied from an unbandaged Square-1.
PentabarrelThree layers in a pentagonal prism with a star-like pattern.

PentaflakeA Tricky Disky with 5 petals, shaped like a (very colourful) snowflake.
PentaflowerA cylindrical pentagonal prism with one layer.
PentatrisA megaminx in shape of a pentagonal antiprism.

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