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Customly 3D-printed
Multi Rhombic DodecahedronThe face turning rhombic dodecahedron that contains the pieces of all other puzzles with this axis system.
Multi Vergo's PentagramThe Pentagram revealing three piece types of the inner puzzle shell.
Multi-Rex PuzzleA Rex Cube with the inner compy cube exposed.

Multirex PlusThe Rex Cube with two additional pieces exposed.
Multiskewb DoublebumpA Multi-Skewb in shape of a sphere with a bumped axis system.
Naughty TetrapodA truncated tetrahedron with a mechanism that combines one cut in its half with six copter cuts located in three planes perpendicular to each other.

Nemo 1x2x3A 1x2x3 redesigned to resemble the famous clownfish.
NeutrinoAnother puzzle with an edge turning triangular prism. All cuts are deep.
Ninja StarA triangular prism with additional pieces that allow 90°-moves. In shape of a perfect triangular prism.

NinjaminxA 3x3x3 in shape of a tetrahedron but without face pieces.
No Circle, No SkewbA corner turning hexahedron. Similar to the Super Ivy (QiYi) or Skewby Duo Plus, but with a different outer cut pattern.
Non Proportional OctahedronNot a Trajber's Octahedron but a flat cousin of it.

Nucleus TwistThree capsule like shapes fused perpendicular to each other.
O CubeA Skewb in a cage so that only the face pieces have to be solved.
O4 CubeA Mixup Cube with all corners bandaged together and hidden in what does not look like a twistypuzzle.

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