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Customly 3D-printed
Complex SkewbA Master Skewb hidden inside a Skewb with many holes.
Compound-2-BallsA 3x3x3 which looks as if two spheres were fused into one solid.
CompraminxA corner turning truncated Triangular dipyramid.

Compy IllusionA 3x3x3 that pretends to be a Compy Cube.
Compy Skewb IIA corner turning cube that combines the turns of a skewb with four compy turns.
Cone 1x2x3A 1x2x3 with an additional piece printed in-place on a FDM-printer to resemble the shape of a cone.

Constrained Jing's PyraminxA Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron with the same constraints as the constrained cube.
Copper Bump PyramidA Bump Cube with extensions to give the shape of a square pyramid.
Copter Ball IIIThe spherical cousin of the Curvy Copter III

Copter ExtremeThe Clover Cube Extreme with different cuts exposing an additional type of piece.
Copter TowerA 3x3x3 with curvy cuts, fishered and elongated on one axes.
Copter Tower HouseThe Copter Tower (a shape variant of the 3x3x3) in shape of a house.

Corner Turning Curvy ChopA redesigned Curvy Chop with four additional corner turns. A puzzle with hybrid axis system.
Cracked 1x2x3A non-bandaged Square-1 with eight segments on top and bottom. In shape of a cuboid.
Cracked CheeseThe concept of Breeze Cube applied to Rubik's Cheese.

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