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Customly 3D-printed
Bermuda Pyraminx MercuryA Bermuda Pyraminx with one fishered face.
Bermuda Pyraminx VenusA Bermuda Pyraminx with one rhombic face and one fishered face.
Bi-Linked Cube (and Plus)A third successor of the first Linked Cubes with with two lines, in two variants one line remains incomplete.

BiconenixA megaminx in shape of a bicone.
Big Ball3 (!) Super Square-1s stacked upon each other and transformed into spherical shape.
Big tablet SkewbA Skewb transformed into a cylinder with a flat shape.

Blooming CubeAn extreme and extremely beautiful cousin of the Valentine Cube.
Blue Star (Heptagram)A 3x3x3 in the shape of a heptagrammic prism.
BolideThe Meteroite with differently shaped corners which implements one round of unbandaging.

BowlminxOne half of a megaminx turned inside out into the shape of a bowl.
Brick CuboidA 2x3x3 brought in midturn and reshaped into the original cuboidal shape.
BrilliminxA Dino Dodecahedron without faces (aka visible core).

Brueckner 23,7Another strange shape for the 3x3x3 which does not bear a proper name but only an index. This shape is special because it is self-dual.
Bump 1x3x4A 1x3x4 that was bumped on all three dimensions.
Bump 4 cornersA bumped version of the "4 corners cube"

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