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Customly 3D-printed
Button Cube 12 V2Two versions with twelve buttons but only 8 crescents instead of 12.
Button Cube 6 V2The successor of the first button cube with the same number of buttons but placed differently.
Button Cube 8Another variant of the button cube with eight buttons and as many crescents.

C-10A cylindric prism with 4 pieces on each face. Unlike Squar-1 it does not behave bandaged.
C-18A five-layered variant of the C-10 puzzle. This is a cylindric Square-0.5 puzzle. Unlike C-10 it has five layers and does not behave bandaged.
Caged Real 5x5x5The second 5x5x5 with a 3x3x3 inside of it.

CalendulaThree circles intersecting each other like the Arusloky.
Calendula VFour circles intersecting each other like the Arusloky.
Capella CubeTop and bottom layer of a hexagonal prism. Middle layer of a 3x3x3.

Carambole BilliardsThree spheres which pretend to be billiard balls fused into a single shape. Built ontop of a 3x3x3 mechanism.
Carnation CubeA coin cube put in midturn and reshaped into a cube.
Cat SkewbA puzzle with mechanism of skewb and the shape of a cat.

CaTHuPA corner turning hexagonal pyramid. A jumbling only puzzle.
CaTSuPA corner turning square pyramid. The first of its kind and a jumbling only axis system.
Celtic OctahedronThe Aurora Octahedron with deeper cuts and therefore more piece types.

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