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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
MeiLong HunYuan Oblique Turning Cube V3A Skewb which allows simple rotations when in midturn. The circles are cut in six segments.
MeiLong Puppet Cube 1A 3x3x3 bandaged and extended to resemble a bandaged 4x4x4.
MeiLong Puppet Cube 2A 3x3x3 bandaged and extended to resemble a bandaged 4x4x4.

Mess CuboidA mass produced 3x3x5 twisted into a pattern and afterwards extended.
Messed up Ghost 3x3x6The ghosted variant of the cubic 3x3x6.
Metal Ghost CubeThe inventor of the Ghost Cube rebuilts his creation - in metal.

Mezon HelicopterA Helicopter Cube jumbled into the Mezon state and modified back into the shape of a cube.
MF8 Square-1MF8s version from 2007. Produced in five different colors.
Micro Axis CubeA very popular shape transformation of the 3x3x3 dramatically reduced in size.

Micro Square-1A Square-1 with an edge length of only 12 mm.
Mie Axis CubeA cubic 3x3x7 moved into a pattern and modified back into cubic shape.
Mimic CubeA 6x6x6 in camouflage that pretends to be a 5x5x5.

Mini Ghost cubeThis is a hand made ghost cube, no new challenges, but is pink, tiny, handmade and awesome.
Mini HexaminxA reimplementation of the Curvy Hexaminx with just 33 mm
Mirror 1x1x2The concept of the Mirror cube applied to a 1x1x2.

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