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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Event HorizonA Square-1 in midturn transformed into a piece of art.
Eye of HorusA hybrid puzzle that combines the cuts of a Radio Cube 3 and the Cubeultimate.
Fax CubeThe Fisher Axis Cube implemented on the basis of a Skewb.

Faxis CubePut together from two mass produced cubes.
Fibik's CubeA Cutter Cube with parts looking like those from the Bermuda Cube.
Fish SkewbA skewb modified like a Windmill cube.

Fisher 2A bandaged Fisher cube.
Fisher 2x4x4 IIA Fisher 4x4x4 bandaged like a 2x4x4 perpendicular to the main axis.
Fisher AI 4x4x4A Fisher 4x4x4 bandaged like the AI Cube.

Fisher AI V2A combination of the Fisher 4x4x4 with highly symmetric bandaging pattern.
Fisher Axis CubeA Fisher Cube with a tilted axis.
Fisher CubeTaking the concept of the Rubik's cube and turning it 45 degrees.

Fisher Curvy CopterA fishered version of the curvy copter.
Fisher Curvy Copter IIIA shape variant of the Curvy Copter III
Fisher Curvy Copter PlusA fishered (the axis system turned by 45 inside its solid) version of the Curvy Copter Plus.

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