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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Bump MixupA bumped version of the Mixup Cube
Bump PentacleA bumped version of the Pentacle Cube, this time with some edge pieces.
Bump SkewbA bumped skewb: The puzzle is moved inside its shape but not rotated.

Bump Tower CubeA bumped 2x2x3 in shape of a cube.
Bump-2A "bumped" Square-2
Bump-9A 3x3x3-transformation descending from the Bump Cube. Here the three bumps were applied with equal distances.

BumpzillaA 3x3x3 bump cube with a size of 200 mm.
BumpZILLA Horror CubeThe BumpZILLA "Horror" 200 mm Bump Cube (Mirror Blocks) is a 200 mm version of the 57 mm two solution mirror blocks.
ButterfliesA shape variant of the Crazy Rhomdo. A cube in which all faces remain the same.

By the Power of GreyskullA bandaged shape-modified 3x3x3 customly painted with a theme from He-Man.
Caged-1A Square-1 with a cage built around it, resembling a 3x3x3.
Camouflage CubeA bandaged and extended 4x4x4.

Canny CubeAt first glance it looks like a Bermuda Cube but it actually have 5 axes.
Capella CubeTop and bottom layer of a hexagonal prism. Middle layer of a 3x3x3.
Capture Dino CubeA bandaged version of the Rapture Dino Cube.

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