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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Bandaged 3 Horror Bump CubeA Horror Bump Cube bandaged like a Bandaged 3.
Bandaged fisher cubeA Fisher Cube bandaged like Meffert's classic bandaged cube.
Bandaged Horror bump cubeBandaged horror bump cube with two solutions.

Bandaged mirrorA mirror cube bandaged in a pattern equivalent to the wellknow bandaged cube.
Bandaged Square-1A Square-1 which is a bandaged puzzle, was further bandaged.
Bandaged Square-1 IIA Square-1 bandaged two allow only two types of moves.

Bandaged Sun CubeA bandaged version of the Sun Cube.
Banshee CubeA ghosted version of the cubic Meteor Madness.
Baxis CubeBandaged Axis Cube

Bermuda SkewbA shape variation of a "Bermuda ZongZi" or also known as "Bermuda Tetrahedron"
Beta CubeA combination of Wall cube and Slice cube.
Beveling Axis CubeA 3x3x3 which axis system was twisted less than 60 degrees.

Bi Yi Niao CubeA jumbling only puzzle succeeding the 4 Corners Cube.
BinaryA mass produced Axis cube repainted to resemble a binary star system.
BipolarA customly painted version of the Beveling Axis Cube.

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