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7x9x11 (pillowed)A pillowed 7x9x11. Made from a 11x11x11.
8x8x8 Mirror BlocksA 8x8x8 modified like the Mirror Blocks.
9 layer Square-1A nine-layered version of the Square-1

9x9x9 Diametric HexahedronA 9x9x9 with 3D-printed extensions in the shape of a triagonal dipyramid with different heights.
9x9x9 PenroseA 9x9x9 truncated into three round surfaces in a spiral pattern.
ABAPALA bandaged 4x4x4, stickered to resemble the Fused Cube.

AI 4x4x4 Hexagonal DipyramidA bandaged and truncated 4x4x4.
AirbusAdvertising for the european airplane manufacturer.
AldebaranTwo intersecting circles rotatable in six steps of unequal angle and a third circle rotatable by 72.

All-Around PyraminxPyraminx and Mastermorphynx combined into one puzzle.
Alternating Asynchronous Antislice Face Turning OctahedronA FTO which enforces heavy restrictions on the puzzle.
Andromeda Cube UnbandagedThe Andromeda Cube which was unbandaged one time.

Andromeda DodecahedronA dodecahedron with 60 axes of rotation.
AntaresTwo intersecting circles with 109 pieces, named after one of the brightest stars on the sky.
Apache CubeA 3x3x3 tilted inside of a cuboid but still with three degrees of symmetry.

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