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IQ LollyA set of three puzzles differing only in size and the number of tiles.
Iron ManA 2x2x2 modelled to resemble the marvel character of the same name.
Ivy CrystalAn "Ivy Cut" rhombic triacontahedron, or a Pyraminx Crystal in disguise.

Ivy FestivalA trapezoidal hexacontahedron with "Ivy" slices.
Ivy FoxAn Ivy Cube truncated into a star-like shape.
JAMmed 1153 Cube11 is the dimension of the cube.
5 is the length ofg the edge blocks.
3 the size of the corner blocks.

JAMmed GigaminxA bandaged Gigaminx using the 'JAMmed' configuration, made to fill an empty slot.
Jane Street CubeA promotional cube featuring Jane Street.
Jewel OctahedronAn edges-only 3x3x3 in shape of a negatively stellated octahedron. It is the octahedral equivalent of the Alexander Star.

Jewel TetrahedronA Dino tetrahedron redseigned to be concave.
JigSaw CubeA 3x3x3 covered handmade pieces that resemble a jigsaw.
Jr. Heli-SkewbA hybrid that combines three axis systems: 2x2x2, Skewb and Helicopter Cube.

Junior Flower CopterThe simplest possible hybrid of corner and edge turning cube.
Kilominx GemA Kilominx in a shape close to a truncated octahedron.
KilomoidThe completed version of Kilomoid.

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