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Wildschwein3D-printed pieces glued onto a skewb giving it the shape of a boar.
WildzockA 2x2x3 in midturn and remodelled into a cube.
Windmill DNA CubeThe MFJS Windmill DNA cube combines the concepts of Windmill Cube, Mirror Blocks and Eitan's Twist.

Witeden 3x3x6 CuboidA reduced version of the mass produced 3x3x7.
Wolf3D-printed pieces glued onto a 1x2x3 giving it the shape of a wolf.
X-Box CubeA contour cut variant of the previous Circle-X Cube and Lucky Clover Cube.

X-Cube 4x4x4 (another version)Another version of X-Cube 4x4x4 halfway between the traditional two versions.
X-Square-1A 2x2x2 with four layers of a Square-1.
Xiaomi Giiker Super CubeA smart cube with bluetooth connection which allows a separate app to show the owner how to turn the cube in order to solve it.

XminxAn "axised" Hexaminx.
XOteric 2x2x2Looks like a Circle 2x2x2 but is a 2x2x2 with the Triwalls as additional piece types.
XXL GearcubeA bigger version of the Gear Cube with a very fitting package.

YuanFangSingle coloured shape mod of 2x2x2 mechanism.
Zavihura V2A 4x4x4 bandaged highly symmetrically somewhere between a 3x4x4 and a 2x4x4.
Zock Barrel IrregularA Zock Cube transformed into a barrel.

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