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Quad 3 Bump CubeA Horror Bump Cube bandaged like a Bandaged 3.
Quad 3 Horror Bump CubeA Horror Bump Cube bandaged like a Quad 3.
QuadrangleA two-layered prism with 120°-turns at the four arms. Even more amazing: It is the first known self-dual puzzle.

Quaffle BallA sphere with four dents, inspired by the Quidditch ball from the Harry Potter series.
Rapture Dino CubeThe geometry of the 60°-moves-corner turning hexahedron implemented twice in one puzzle.
Redi BarrelA cylindrical version of the Redi Cube.

Regular AstrominxAn Icosahedral modification of a starminx consisting of regular triangles of identical size.
Retro Egg Ghost 2x2x2A 2x2x2 3D printed Ghost cube from the Pixel series.
Reuleaux Leaf TetrahedronA tetrahedral 3x3x3 without one half of the corners.

Rex cube (straight cuts)A Rex Cube reimplemented with straight cuts.
Rhomdo Transformer UnbandagedOscar van Deventer's Rhomdo Transformer with one level of unbandaging
RigelTwo intersecting circles but with two concentric circles of pieces per half.

RosecubeA 3x3x3 with a rose growing from it.
Rubik VedettaA 3x3x3 with leather pieces instead of stickers or tiles.

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