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Beach Curvy IcosahedronA 3x3x3 in shape of an icosahedron but with spherical cuts.
Beaded BallA spherical 2x2x2 with six rings of marbles. Unlike Vergo's Cube the rings are place closer to the center.
Beni's Bandaged CubeA 3x3x3 cube with centers bangaged to an edge in four faces.

Bermuda Pyraminx EarthA Bermuda Pyraminx with one rhombic face.
Bermuda Pyraminx MercuryA Bermuda Pyraminx with one fishered face.
Bermuda Pyraminx VenusA Bermuda Pyraminx with one rhombic face and one fishered face.

Bi Yi Niao CubeA jumbling only puzzle succeeding the 4 Corners Cube.
Big DipperHeaven's Eyes in shape of a face turning trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron.
Big SeedThe successor of the Seed with five instead of three sides.

Bison3D-printed pieces glued onto a skewb giving it the shape of a buffalo.
Bitruncated MastermorphixA cross between Mastermorphix and Trajber's Octahedron.
Bitruncated Tetrahedron Crazy 2x2x2A piece swap, more precisely a cross between "2x2x2 Transform pyraminx BaMianTi" and "2x2x2 Transform pyraminx ShuangZiTa"

Black HoleA sliding block puzzle with three differently coloured cubies.
Bloomy GearsA Gear Cube which gears were cut in three times. This allows the puzzle to be turned like a 2x2x2.
Boob FusionA 1x2x2 designed to resemble two fused 1x1x2s

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