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Kite-1A Square-1 reassembled to trade the solved shape with the original shape after one turn.
KleinminxA shape variant of the megaminx inspired by a Penrose Cube.
KleinmoidA combination of the megamoid and the Kleinminx. A megaminx without two layers but with curved faces.

KROK 3x3x3 v1A 4x4x4 bandaged into something similar to a 3x3x3.
KROK 3x3x3 v1maxA 4x4x4 bandaged and extended, based on the earlier versions.
Kutani Rubik's cubeA 3x3x3 of japanese origin covered with ceramid tiles.

Labrador3D-printed pieces glued onto a 100 mm-skewb giving it the shape of a dog.
Lace BraceletA Torus with 7 segments and 4 slices that rotate around the torus unlike tricky disky with which it share the solving method.
LaurustinusA rainbow cube in spherical shape and brutally reduced to the edges and nothing more.

Leesho (7 layers)Seven layers and one orthogonal ring of moving tiles.
Leesho (8 layers)Eight layers and one orthogonal ring of moving tiles.
Linked Double RubikA pair of Fused Cubes, additionally linked with ropes connecting the two cubes.

Little FisherA mixture of 2x2x2 and Trick House (aka Fisher 2x2x2).
Lottery CubeA cube stickered with lottery cards.
Magic BagelFour rings of marbles with two cylinders synchronized by gears.

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