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Pocket ballA Corner Pocket in shape of a sphere. A shapechanging puzzle.
Pocket horrorA Corner Pocket transformed like a mirror blocks with two solutions.
Pocket JewelA 2x2x2 in shape of a distorted tetragonal trapezohedron.

PocketminxPocketminx aplied the concept of a Corner Pocket to a Megaminx giving it a look of a Megaminx and a Kilominx.
Pregnant Woman's Torso 1x2x3Yet another shape transformation of the 1x2x3.
Prism 3x3x3A mass produced Space Star, 30 years after the first version.

Prism-minxA megaminx in a shape similar but distinctively different to the column megaminx.
ProcyonTwo intersecting circles rotatable in five steps of unequal angle.
Prof. Cube 2018Another 5x5x5 produced without stickers but a black rim.

Professor PillThe next step after Crazy Pill.
PropelloA corner turning Propello Tetrahedron.
Pseudino CubeWhat appears to be an elongated Dino cube is actually a Siamese 2x2x2.

Pseudo 10x10x10A sticker scheme to create confusion. A 5x5x5, inspired by a 6x6x6 but stickered to resemble a 10x10x10.
Pyramid ClockA smaller version of Rubik's Clock with just 6 clocks in triangular pattern.
PyramoidA Master Pyraminx reduced by two piece types.

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