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2x3x3 PlusA bandaged and extended 4x4x4.
2x3x4 Horror MirrorThe concept of the Horror Cube applied to a 2x3x4
2x5x63D-printed extensions glued onto a 6x6x6.

2x5x7One of the most uneven cuboids.
3 solution cubeA 3x3x3 with customly printed stickers that allow three different solutions.
3x3x3 CentrosphereA spherical 3x3x3 with the corners enlarged to form a frame that gives the appearance of a 2x2x2. This is the undeformed variant.

3x3x3 CuboctahedronA straightforward truncation of a Pandora Cube.
3x3x3 DainovaA stickerless 5x5x5 bandaged by gluing bracket with holes on the pieces.
3x3x4 (Witeden)Another mass produced version of the 3x3x4.

3x3x5 TetrahedronA cubic 3x3x5 in shape of a tetrahedron.
3x3x6 Brick BarrelA 3x3x6 Cuboid transformed into the shape of an octagonal prism.
3x6x8A 8x8x8 bandaged and extended with 3D-printed pieces to resemble a 3x6x8.

4-layered master hexagonal TriprismAlso known as: "4lmhtp"
4x4x4 Brick BarrelA 4x4x4 transformed into the shape of an octagonal prism.
4x4x4 Curvy DinoA corner turning cube very similar to the Curvy Mosaic Cube but two additional pieces.

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