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Mini ClockA smaller version of Rubik's Clock with just 4 clocks.
Mini PyratwistA redesigned Pyramino with the outer turns.
Minimal 3x3x3A minimalistic 3x3x3 designed after the 7x7x7 from the same inventor.

Minimal CaTSuPA corner turning square pyramid, redesigned to be minimal, just like the Minimal Twist.
Minimal DecaThree extremely similar looking puzzles with completely different geometries, all bassed on a deep cut face turning pentagonal dipyramid.
Minimal PentaThe puzzle below the Minimal Hex.

MiraThree intersecting circles, two are fivefold, one is twofold.
Mirror 2x2x3 Floppy I-cubeA 3x3x3 bandaged in two dimensions a successively bumped.
Mirror 2x2x4 Ai cubeA bumped 4x4x4 bandaged like a 2x2x4.

Mirror DecoradoA Mirror Cube covered with white swarovski crystals.
Mirror Mirror 2x2x2A Junior Bump Cube covered with real mirror truncated by hand.
Mixup Kites PlusThe Mixup Kites reimplemented with the Plus-variant as base-puzzle.

Mondrian CubeThe 2x2x3 Camouflage Type II scrambled and truncated back into the shape of a cube.
MoonshineA two-dimensional, deeper-than-origin, shallower-than-corner doctrinaire twisty puzzle. Or two intersecting circles with twofold or fivefold rotation.
Moving Hole 4x4x4 Mixup RevengeA 4x4x4 with a hole that allows a reduced set of pieces to move during a slice turn.

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