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3x3x3 RocketA 3x3x3 in shape of a rocket including a fitting base.
3x3x3 SalvajeA 3x3x3 covered with 9126 pieces of synthetic resin creating six drawings of wild animals.
3x3x3 SexyThis 3x3x3 has resin pieces glued instead of sticker, with sexy leopard skin motifs.

3x3x3 SinceroA 3x3x3 covered with transparent coloured crystals instead of stickers.
3x3x3 SuspirosThis 3x3x3 has resin pieces glued instead of stickers, in the shape of meringue cakes called sighs.
3x3x3 Teclado InvisibleThis 3x3x3 ist covered with glued pc keys, coloured but without characters.

3x3x3 TeseladoA custom sticker scheme dividing each sticker into pieces with equal shapes, some very cool and interesting patterns to solve come out.
3x3x3 TeselicoThis pattern is similar to the 3x3 Tesalado, but used on the entire face of the cube, with metallic stickers.
3x3x3 TesoroThis 3x3x3 has glued resin pieces imitating pearls and diamonds.

3x3x3 Tiburon 3DA cube with tiles depicting two marine species in 3D.
3x3x3 VolatilThis 3x3x3 has resin pieces glued instead of stickers with various types of volatile animals.
3x3x3 ZigzagThis 3x3x3 has resin pieces instead of stickers, with various types of zigzag patterns.

3x3x3 ZZZA sticker pattern with lots of Z's.
3x3x3 ZZZtalicoThis 3x3x3 has a metallic sticker pattern that forms a Z on each edge.
3x3x4 CupcakeA 3x3x4 reshaped to simulate a small cake.

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