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3x3x4 Shallow HexamixupA square bifrustum with turns of a 3x3x4 and two mixup turns.
3x3x5 InsanityLooks like a Ghost 3x3x5 but is a ghosted Siamese 3x3x3.
3x5x5 BarrelA 5x5x5 bandaged into a 3x5x5 and truncated into a cylindrical shape.

3x5x5 Mirror BipyramidA 3x5x5 in shape of a hexagonal dipyramid with shifted centre.
3x5x7 Tilt MirrorA 3x5x7 with 3d-printed extensions to give every piece an individual shape.
3x6 CanAnother variant of Varikon with three layers and six columns.

3x6x7A fully functional cuboid hand made from a 7x7x7.
3x7x9A bandaged 9x9x9 with 3D printed extensions.
4Axes x (Compy+Dino+Skewb)A corner turning hexahedron with 3 cuts per axis, at different cutting depths, resembling the Compy Cube, Dino Cube and Skewb

4x4x4 + Elite SkewbA cube combining the turns of the 4x4x4 and the Elite Skewb.
4x4x4 + Master SkewbThe Master Skewb combined with a 4x4x4
4x4x4 AbanderadoBy swapping four-corner pieces of the same cube, this four-striped flag pattern is achieved.

4x4x4 AI Plus MirrorA "SPHINX small horizontal split 2x2+4x4" combined with a mirror cube, aka shifted inside its solid.
4x4x4 AntiprismA 4x4x4 transformed into the shape of a square antiprism.
4x4x4 Boloku 16 coloursThis 4x4x4 has resin pieces glued together to form a sudoku puzzle with 16 colours per side.

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