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Bump hexagonal prismA bumped version of the 3x3x3 in shape of a hexagonal prism.
Bump Pripe Ball 3A pentagonal prism with three layers in shape of a sphere.
Bump Pyraminx CrystalA bumped version of the Pyraminx Crystal.

Bump Radiolarian 3 rhombic dodecahedronA bumped version of the Star Scepter.
Bump Radiolarion 3A bumped version of the Radiolarian 3.
Bump Time MachineA bumped version of the Time Machine

Bump Windmill Twist 2A 2x2x2 combining three different concepts of shape variants.
ButterfliesA shape variant of the Crazy Rhomdo. A cube in which all faces remain the same.
By the Power of GreyskullA bandaged shape-modified 3x3x3 customly painted with a theme from He-Man.

Cake ZA Super Z in shape of a Cylinder
CalendulaThree circles intersecting each other like the Arusloky.
Calendula VFour circles intersecting each other like the Arusloky.

Capella CubeTop and bottom layer of a hexagonal prism. Middle layer of a 3x3x3.
CapriciousSix circles that intersect at two different depths.
Carnage 2x2x2A 2x2x2 modeled after the marvel character.

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