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Mirror 2x2x2 oogie BoogieA Bump 2x2x2 covered with skulls and the dots of a dye.
Mirror Curvy CopterA Curvy Copter Plus that was bumped aka moved inside its solid.
Mirror Pentagonal PrismA bumped version of the pentagonal prism with three layers.

Mirror ShiftThe bumped version of the Gear Shift
Mirror Triangular PrismA bumped version of the triangular prism with three layers.
Mirror Wave 5x5x5A Bump 5x5x5 printed in marble filament and with wavy cuts.

Mitclan SadnessA 2x2x2 modelled after one of the steps of the underworld journey according to aztec mythology.
Mixup Hexagram OctahedronThe combination of Traijbers octahedron (plus mixup turns) and the skewb octahadron.
Mixup Triangular PrismThe "Trimixup prism" in shape of a hexagonal prism.

Monolith of TimeA 2x2x3 with two circles instead of two additional layers. Partially bandaged.
Multi Vergo's PentagramThe Pentagram revealing three piece types of the inner puzzle shell.
Multirex PlusThe Rex Cube with two additional pieces exposed.

Nautilus 8A successor of Rainbow Nautilus, with eight sectors and therefore different angles.
Nemo 1x2x3A 1x2x3 redesigned to resemble the famous clownfish.
NeutrinoAnother puzzle with an edge turning triangular prism. All cuts are deep.

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