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Jet 4x4x4The Fisher Axis Cube implemented with a 4x4x4.
Johnson FollyA simple two colour pseudorhombicuboctahedron puzzle with 3x3x3 core and a misleading solve state.
Kaiju 3x3x3A 2x2x3 modeled after a generalized japanese monster.

Keter CubeA deep cut jumbling only puzzle with the axis system of a face turning triangular dipyramid.
Keyboard 2x3x3A 2x3x3 covered with keyboard keys instead of stickers.
Kilodaginx V6A kilominx with pairs of pieces glued together to create locks around the puzzle (locks 6)

Kith's Christmas CubeAdvertising the brand of the same name.
Kubic TrapThe Kite Trap shape transformed into a cube.
Kyokujitsu Mirror PuckA mirror Puck based on the imperial Japanese flag

La Cuerda LocaA shape transformation of the Missing Link.
Latch MirrorA bumped Latch cube
Leaf IcosahedronA simplified version of the flower icosahedron. An edge turning icosahedron.

Lemon 3x3x3A 3x3x3 transformed in a rare four-sided solid.
Leonidas Doble CrazyFour intersecting circles with five rings and four different possible turns.
Link Cube PlusA cubic version of the Coin Rhombic Dodecahedron with additional 2x2x2-turns.

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