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Compass 2DEight segments, one rotating circle and one moving hole.
Compass 3DA reduced Bolaris, reimplementing a 2D-puzzle from the same designer.
Complex SkewbA Master Skewb hidden inside a Skewb with many holes.

Compy Skewb IIA corner turning cube that combines the turns of a skewb with four compy turns.
Copter Tower HouseThe Copter Tower (a shape variant of the 3x3x3) in shape of a house.
Corner isolated cubeA 3x3x3 bandaged with a plastic plane covering one side of a cube and truncated corner. It implements a new type of bandaging.

Corner Pocket StarThe Corner Pocket transformed into the shape of an Escher solid.
Crate CubeA 3x3x3 stickered to resemble a 6x6x6 consisting of three conjoined cubes.
Crazy Face Turning OctahedronA face turning octahedron with circles integrated into all eight sides.

Crazy GearAn axised variant of the Gear Cube from the same inventor.
Crazy LekkiTwo intersecting circles with four rings and three different possible turns.
Crazy LooperThree circles on one line, each allowing 180 turns with a shallow intersections. Plus three additional inner circles.

Crazy LoticaA reimplemented Lotica with an additional inner circle.
Crazy Megaminx DODECAHEDSAnother variant of the circle minx but with one piece type less.
Crazy RodiumThe Puzzler with two concentric circles per half.

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