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Duke (Big Block)A Big Block with the large inscription "Duke"
Earth tetrakis hexahedronA deep cut edge turning tetrakis hexahedron with sticker design of the earth globe.
Edge of SpaceCornerless 3x3x3 with six bi-colour cubie bars

Edgeless Super IvyA striaghtforward shape transformation of the Super Ivy. The designer simply removed the edge pieces.
EdgeosaurusDino with two-colour edges split vertically
Edges Only Cross MegaminxThe Dodecaheds with additional pieces of the circles, now independently turnable.

Edgy Skewb PlusThe Edgy Skewb with an additional set of stored cuts.
Elvi-bandaged 4x4x4A 4x4x4 bandaged with 8 bonds, one for every corner.
Elvi-bandaged 5x5x5A 5x5x5 bandaged with 19 bonds, one for every corner and 11 for all except one edges.

Elvi-bandaged MegaminxA megaminx bandaged with 18 bonds.
Escher PoolA custom sticker variant inspired by overflowing stickers and an Escher illusion.
Euclidean 2Two circles with 90-turns in an immensely complex puzzle.

Euclidean 3Three circles with 90-turns in an immensely complex puzzle.
Evil Twins MirrorThe bumped version of the Evil Twins.
FasterosoA Pyraminx in shape of a Tetrakis Tetrahedron.

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