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11x11x11 BarrelAn 11x11x11 truncated into the shape of a barrel.
1337-CubeCustom sticker variant with two solutions. One classic and one very cleverly designed.
1x2x3 Bump CubeA bumped 1x2x3

1x2x3 Christmas TreeA 1x2x3 puzzle in the shape of a Christmas tree.
1x3x3 DominoA Floppy Cube customly stickered to resemble Rubik's Domino after which it was designed.
22x22x22Formerly the highest order cube, beaten by Greg’s 33x33x33

27ball 3x3x3A 3x3x3 consisting of twentyseven ball-like shapes instead of a cube.
2x2x2 ConeA cone with a spiral sticker pattern and an eastsheen 2x2x2 as core.
2x2x2 Green MushroomA simple cube for all lovers of the video game "Mario Bros".

2x2x2 Square Antiprism SkewbThis is the 2x2x2 square antiprism skewb and it is 10 sided solid with a 2x2x2 as core.
2x2x2 TwisterA 2x2x2 shape variant inspired by Twister I and II.
2x2x2 Windmill CubeA 2x2x2 in shape of a cuboid.

2x2x3 (bandaged 3x3x3)A 3x3x3 bandaged and extended with cubies glued on.
2x2x3 cuboid barrelVariant of a 2x2x3 cuboid in shape of a cylinder
2x2x5 BarrelA 2x2x5 redesigned into the shape of a cylinder.

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