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Megaminx (135 mm)Possibly the biggest megaminx even to be made.
Megaminx (Recenttoys)A 2016 version of the megaminx, produced by Mefferts for Recenttoys.
Megaminx 2x2x2A mass produced Kilominx with straight edges on the pieces but with exposed centers.

Metallic mirror half cubeA silver Bump cube bandaged and cut in half to give the illusion of a "half cube".
Micro square 3x3x3A bandaged cube, designed to resemble a Square-1
Mini 2x2x2 House cubeA Fisher 2x2x2 stickered to look like a house.

Mini Dino Pent PrismA smaller and more minimalistic version of Rex Pent Prism.
Mini DogicA smaller, 3D printed version of the Dogic
Mini Skewb Ultimate keyringMini version of Skewb Ultimate with latest skewb mechanism and keychain applied to it.

Mini Time machine Made from a mass produced 2x2x3 cuboid.
Mini X-CubeA Cross 1x1x2 or two 1x2x3 fused into one puzzle reimplementing a prism with 2 layers.
Minimal HeptaThe puzzle "between" Minimal Hex and Minimal Octa, designed with a complete different mechanism.

Minimal HexA skeletal version of Gemstone I.
Minimal MixupA skeletal version of Mixup Cube.
Minimal OctaA puzzle related to Minimal Hex reimplementing Gemstone II in a minimalistic way.

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