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Tall Bump Cube (Mirror Blocks)A bumped puzzle created by extending the thinnest layer of a 3x3x3 mirror blocks puzzle.
Tangram CubeA triangular prism transformed into a cube but with six identically looking sides.
Tardis Siege Mode CubeModelled after an item from an episode of Doctor Who.

Tetra Bandage pillowed v2A bandage cube (a bicube to be more precise) transformed into the shape of a Pillowed Mastermorphix.
Tetra-ChopA puzzle based on the magnets-only little chop, but with two opposing faces being equilateral triangles.
Tetracopter 12An edge turning square prism with a height such that the core at the vertical edges has four-way symmetry.

TetragemAn elongated Dayan Gem VIII.
Tetrahydrocubinol 3x3x3A sticker variant designed to be even more addicted than the traditional puzzle.
Tower rubik mixInspired by "3x3x3 LLs2F L2LsFs" the builder decided to combine the concept of bridges with the windmill cube and the Fisher cube.

Trapezoid Edge CubeA combination of Slice cube and Fisher Cube.
TriCopter 6 PillowA pillowed version of the previous HeliPrism 6 puzzles.
TriCopter TwistA twisted version of the previous TriCopter 6 puzzles

Tricopter 9A 9-axis edge turning triangular prism.
Tricopter 9 PillowA pillowed version of the HeliPrism 9 Ball puzzle.
Tricopter 9DD FlatA version of the Tricopter puzzle where the jumbling cuts have been moved deeper, and the non-jumbling cuts are deep.

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