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Impossible 1x5x5 CuboidA 1x3x3 with additional layer attached. The corners are held in place with magnets.
Intelligent 2x2x2 BombA shape shifting puzzle in the shape of a brain bomb.
JAMmed PetaminxA bandaged Petamix

JT-BallA combination of the tricylinder 3x3x3, cornerless cube and an unusual stickering scheme.
Johns Hopkins 1x2x5Not a mass produced puzzle but customly 3D-printed.
Jumble IntersectTwo 2x2x2s (rotated with respect each other) fused into one puzzle.

Junior Mental FlopA Mental Flop reduced by one layer.
Key 3x3x3A mass produced 3x3x3 reduced to a compact size and with a customly attached keyring.
KhrombThe axis system of an edge turning hexahedron in shape of a Stellated Rhombic Dodecahedron.

Krystian's SquareA very complicatedly implemented trivial puzzle.
Large KilominxMade from a large Megaminx. 84 mm edge length.
Late Show Stephen ColbertAdvertising for the show of the same name.

Lattice OhA Master Dino Cube in shape of a Super X.
Leesho (1 layer)One layer and one orthogonal ring of moving tiles.
Leesho (2 layers)Two layers and one orthogonal ring of moving tiles.

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