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PentexAn edge turning pentagonal prism. A jumbling-only puzzle.
PetamoidInspired by the Megamoid come here the higher order version.
Phantom MegamixA stickerless ''Megaminx'' stickered with black stickers.

Phantom Mirror blockThe concept of the Bump Cube applied to a 3x3x4.
Philae lander 2x2x2A customly printed model of the Philae lander which was part of the Rosetta probe.
Pocket MegaminxA small 3D-printed megaminx.

PokeballA sphere painted to resemble the namegiving ball from the Pokemon franchise.
Polar CubeA sticker variant heavily influenced by the Shepherd's Cube.
Professor BiCubeSimilar bandaging as the BiCube applied to a 5x5x5.

Professor CubillusionThe even bigger brother of the Cubillusion.
Proxy Cube (Earth)An MF8 Crazy 3x3x3 modified and extended on 4 sides, with 3 edges truncated.
Pseudo 3x3x3A 2x3x3 with an additional layer of cubies glued on.

Puga's DiamondA Pocket Cube truncated into the shape of a shining diamond.
PyramiddleA Pyraminx with exposed core.
Quirky Gem IIA 1x2x2 that allows 60-turns and eight additional rotations that sometimes jumble and sometimes not.

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