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SiamesillusionTwo 4x4x4's fused to imitate the Siamese Cubes, Tony earliest cube transformation.
Simple SlideA 1x2x2 that reveals its true functionality with a sliding mechanism.
Sixcone 3x3x3 V1A 3x3x3 truncated with six intersecting cones in a shape closely resembling the Steinmetz solid.

Sixcone 3x3x3 V2A 3x3x3 truncated with six intersecting cones. This time resulting in a heavily concave solid.
Sixcylinder MegaminxA curved version of the deltoidal hexecontahedron outside of a megaminx.
Sixcylinder Megaminx V2Six cylinders joined in one solid. This time by extensions not truncations.

Sixcylinder Megaminx V3Six cylinders joined in one solid. This time by extensions not truncations but with a different orientation.
Sixcylinder Megaminx V4Six cylinders joined in one solid. Oriented in another different way.
Skewb ChestAfter the Treasure Skewb another Skewb which can be opened but this time with a different turn.

Skull cubeA skull-like inequilateral 3x3x3.
Slim Bump Cube (Mirror Blocks)A slim bump created by cutting down the tallest layer to equal the thinnest layer of a 3x3x3 mirror blocks puzzle.
Smiley cube V2x2x2 cube with funny smiley faces.

SolA Dogic without the central triangles of the faces but with distinguishable pieces.
Solar FlareA prism with two layers and 16 axes.
SolarminxA edge turning dodecahedron with a cutting depth between the helicopter dodecahedron and the Starminx.

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