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Moving Hole
Hexagonal 12 PuzzleA hexagonal sliding block puzzle with twelve pieces and two holes.
Hexagonal 8 PuzzleA hexagonal sliding block puzzle with eight pieces and two holes.
Horrible HexagonA sliding piece puzzle with with an internal blockade.

Ingenious BallThis version of Mind Twister was made in Taiwan.
IQ Magic CardA Moving Hole puzzle with 14 rows and 8 columns.
Joan Miro Sliding puzzleA very big sliding piece puzzle which depicts one piece of modern art.

JupiterA bigger version of Saturn with three rings that can be twisted on its own.
KlotskiA 2D Moving Hole puzzle with differently sized pieces. The goal is to remove the biggest piece.
Kubiki PerevertyshiThe soviet variant of "Color Cube Puzzle".

LockoutA puzzle lock, an interesting combination between a logic game and a sliding tile game.
Magical DishA cheap copy of the Backspin.
Mathematical Rotate & Slide Magic TowerFive layers and eight columns covered with chinese symbols and sign to build equations.

Mekhanicheskaia GolovolomkaThe soviet version of Great Gears.
Mind LockJust make the front purple.. and the back green by sliding the tiles.
Mind TwisterSix circles each with eight pieces and one hole.

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