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Moving Hole
Pocket Puzzle (3x3) slideBaby version of Lloyd's slide puzzle.
Puzzle Pen IIA strange puzzle from the cube craze which resembles a mixture between the ten billion barrel and Atomic Chaos.
RanzhirAn implementation of Tower of Hanoi with eight pieces.

Rolling pyramidsFifteen tetrahedrons over a grid. The tetrahedrons have to be rolled around to scramble and solve the puzzle.
RomashkaAnother variant of the soviet flower puzzles.
Rota CubesThree cubes in a tetrahedral case. With every move they not only change position but also orientation.

Rotat Magic Bean Intelligence IOn of two variants of Back spin. This one has 29 marbles.
Rotat Magic Bean Intelligence IIOn of two variants of Back spin. This one has 23 marbles.
Row by RowOrganize pieces in rows or columns.

Rusty TowerA remake of the Babylon tower but with bandaged grooves.
Saturn (Belgian)32 disc-like pieces that have to be grouped in six groups of four pieces on two rings.
Shar VolshebnyiLooks like a puzzle with utilizes marbles and one hole to move them but in fact it is dexterity puzzle.

SiskinsSliding Tile/Moving Hole Puzzle - similar to the varikon 2x2 cube.
Slide-1A Square-1 with four holes on the top and bottom layer and with additional holes on the sides.
Slide&Turn Turn&SlideA moving Hole with an additional twist.

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