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Moving Hole
MoleculesTwo non-intersecting circles with 6 pieces each and one moving hole.
Monroe's MarblesMove the marbles from one column to the next by tilting and turning. Try to get each column a single colour.
Moving hole - TriangularA moving hole puzzle with 16 triangular pieces in two separate sets and two holes.

Mushroom MountainA moving-hole-puzzle of size 3x5 which behaves bandaged because of the unusually shaped pieces.
NEW 15 PuzzleA cheating-free version of classical puzzle dating back to 1923.
NHL PuckLooks like a puck but is a three-layered moving-hole-puzzle.

Olimpiada-80A moving hole puzzle with 4*6 tiles minus one hole. Commemorating the olympic games from 1980.
Orbo11 coloured spheres in 12 holes.
Outta GasA 3x4 slide puzzle with an elaborate outfit and twelve challenges.

PanexA puzzle similar to the famous "Towers of Hanoi" but more diffcult.
Panex DuoA doubled version of the classic Panex with five columns and an empty one.
Panex GalaxyA redesigned version of the classic Panex with three columns and an empty one.

Panex JuniorA simplified version of the original Panex with two columns.
PantaCubeA Cubedron working without gravity but as a moving hole puzzle.
Pipe NightmareA fifteen puzzle that is solved by shape. It depicts a number of intersecting pipes.

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