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LxMxN (other)
10x12x12A 12x12x12 with 3d printed extensions. No truncations were made.
1x2x3 BabyfaceThe doubled babyface variant of the 1x2x3
1x2x4A cuboid which can be viewed as combination of 1x2x2 and 1x2x3.

1x2x6Another entry in the ever growing series of cuboids.
1x2x7Another rather early case of cuboid going into large dimensions.
1x2x9Another case of twistypuzzle extremism. A proof-of-concept how far a mechanism can be driven.

1x2xNDesigned to be a 1x2x111 but it could also be a 1x2x201 or any other odd number.
1x3x4The first fully functional 1x3x4-cuboid.
1x3x5The first 1x3x5 somewhat looking like cuboid.

1x3x5 (plane cuts)An irregular cuboid with plane cuts.
1x3x5 BarrelThe first fuly functional 1x3x5. In shape of a barrel.
1x3x6A flat cuboid designed to fill a missing slot in the purchasers collection

1x3x7A fully functional cuboid made from a 3x3x7
1x3x8A fully functional cuboid.
1x3x9A fully functional cuboid.

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