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LxMxN (other)
FlopsanityInsanity meets the Floppy Cube.
Font 5x5x9A 5x5x9 stickered with a font varied by slight degrees.
Ghost 2x4x4The concept of the Ghost cube applied to a 4x4x2.

Ghost 3x5x5A 3x5x5 in shape of a cube after being "ghosted".
Ghost 3x5x5 CuboidA ghosted 3x5x5. Implemented with 3D-printed extensions on top of a 5x5x5.
Ghost 3x5x7A 3x5x7 in shape of a cube after being "ghosted".

Giant 4x5x5A 4x5x5 cuboid with 18 mm cubies.
Gorgon 4x4x4A 4x4x5 bandaged into a 4x4x4-wannabe.
Horror 3x4x4The concept of the Horror Cube implemented with 3x4x4 as base puzzle.

Hunter ZTwo 2x4x6s combined and bandaged.
Impossible 1x5x5 CuboidA 1x3x3 with additional layer attached. The corners are held in place with magnets.
Laberinto 2x4x4A white 2x4x4 with a hamilton path, a line meeting every piece once.

Megamorphix 2x4x4A 2x4x4 in shape of a Reuleaux Tetrahedron.
Messed Up Bump 2x4x4A 2x4x4 that was scrambled and brought back into cubic shape.
Phantom master mirror blocksA bumped variant of the mass produced 4x4x5 cuboid.

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