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LxMxN (other)
3x4x6 protocuboidA 6x6x6 extended into a cuboid.
3x4x7Designed and printed to fill a slot.
3x5x5 (Cubic)Not a bandaged 6x6x6 but a built from scratch cuboid.

3x5x5 (olzed)If the inevitable "olzing" is ignored this is the first proportional 3x5x5.
3x5x5 (proportional)The first perfectly proportional 3x5x5.
3x5x5 (quasi olzed)A fully functional cuboid handmade from a 5x5x5 without square tiling on top and bottom.

3x5x5 (square olzed)A design for the 3x5x5 which utilizes a completey new technique.
3x5x5 (truncated)A pillowed version of the 3x5x5. Made from a 5x5x5.
3x5x5 BowlingA 3x5x5 with corner truncated to almost nothing.

3x5x5 Fisher CubeA 3x5x5 fishered which means it was turned inside of its solid.
3x5x5 Hexagonal PrismA 3x5x5 in shape of a hexagonal prism
3x5x5 Mirror BipyramidA 3x5x5 in shape of a hexagonal dipyramid with shifted centre.

3x5x5 Mirror HorrorA 5x5x5 bandaged into a 3x5x5 and transformed into a horror puzzle.
3x5x5 TetrahedronA 3x5x5 in shape of a Reuleaux Tetrahedron.
3x5x6Another cuboid which for a long time was not known to be missing.

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