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LxMxN (other)
4x5x7A fully functional cuboid made by customly reducing a 7x7x7.
4x6x6A fully functional cuboid with half-regular dimensions.
4x6x73D-printed extensions glued onto a 8x8x8.

4x6x8Also known as "Another Ultimate Shape Shifter". Another entry in the ever growing field of fully functional cuboids.
4x7x7A true 4x7x7 custom made from a 7x7x7
4x8x10A bandaged 10x10x10 with 3D printed extensions.

4x8x8 (Steinmetz)A 4x8x8 in a shape resembling the Steinmetz solid.
4x9x9A pillowed 4x9x9. Made by bandaging a 9x9x9.
5x5x6 (fully functional)A fully functional 5x5x6 custom made from a 6x6x6

5x5x7Another cuboid with half-regular dimensions that would have been impossible without CAD.
5x5x7 (truncated)A pillowed version of the 5x5x7. Made from a mass produced 7x7x7.
5x5x7 Fisher CuboidA 5x5x7 designed from scratch to have the original shape but turned by 45 around the high axis.

5x5x8Another cuboid which for a long time was not known to be missing.
5x5x9Another cuboid which for a long time was not known to be missing.
5x6x7An amazing cuboid which pieces could not have been proportional.

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