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Sexual Positions (aka Poses)Cartoonish drawings of a couple in various sexual positions. Don't blush!
Singmaster's pinsA series of pin which were designed and distributed by David Singmaster during the original cube craze.
Sisyphus II8 different sticker variations of a 2x2x2 sold during the original cube craze.

SkewbThe deepcut corner turning cube.

Solving the magic PyramidA book about the Pyraminx from the original cube craze
Spanish regions 1982A 3x3x3 made for the Soccer World Cup 1982 in Spain. Five sides each depict the coat of arms of one spanish region.

Stellated Pyraminx IThis version has six attachments per face.
Stellated Pyraminx IIThis version has three attachments per face.
TetraminxThe official Meffert Tetraminx.

The 4 step solution to the cubeIt's really elementary
The Complete Cube BookHow to solve it fast every time! Plus 25 Games and Excercises! Create patterns, Discover which patterns are possible and which are not.
The Cube - How To Do It (yellow)Pirated version of Colin Wray's book by the same name.

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