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La solución + sencilla al cubo del RubikThe spanish version of Cyrill Ostrup's book
Le Rubik's Cube (Trajber)Réussir le cube parfait en un temps record.
Le secret du cube diaboliqueComment reconstituer votre cube en quelques secondes

Link Puzzle - Puzzle a la chaineThis version's rings are covered with reflective material instead of dull paint.
Link PuzzlerA knock-off-version of Missing Link.
Logi-VIP (aka VIP Sphere)Each piece has a unique colour, arrange from lightest to darkest. Functions similar to the Masterball, but with only one vertical slice.

MagellánTwist the pieces to ensure no two like colours are side by side, on either side of the puzzle.
Magic Ball (Mundial fotball Spain 1982)Variant of Rubiks Sphere made for the Soccer World Cup 1982 in Spain.

Magic DominoThe 1982 Politoys version with a spindle mechanism.
Magic Octahedron (holographic stickers)This version has holo-colour stickers.
Magic Octahedron (P.G. Continental)The P.G. Continental version.

Magic Snake CubeA 3x3x3 drastically truncated into a shape resembling Rubiks snake in its ball-like form.
Magic Snake PuzzlePossibly another clone of Rubik's Snake. This time from Japan.
Magicheski KubBulgarian MK-02 cube made in 1982.

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