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The Cube key chainA key chain sized knock offed 3x3x3
The CureDr. Kurt Endl's elementary solution of the Impossi-ball using only two simple operations (no pun intended)
The Idiots Solution To The Rubiks CubeNot a book but a set of labels to "solve" the cube.

The magic crystalA solution to the Pyraminx Crystal, devised during the original cube craze, decades before it went into production.
The Magic SolutionFeaturing the amazing 4-step method that requires only 1 sequence of 7 moves to memorize.
The Official Solution To Alexander's StarThe only full-length solution book available by the creator Adam Alexander

The Pyramid (book)A rapid and simple solution using only two manúuvres - avoids mathematics
The simple solution to the pyramidThe most amazing sensation since the cube

The Winning Solution To Rubik's RevengeA book written by the winner of the first Rubiks Cube championship in 1982, Hungary.

The world of RubikGift and Stationery Division 1982-83
There Is No Magic To Rubik's Cubeand all of its offspring
Tote BagA tote bag produced by Ideal Toy Cororation during the original cube craze.

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