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Puzzle Pen IIIA 4x6 puzzle pen. Marketed by Ideal in 1982.
Puzzler - Engel's EnigmaOne of the lesser known version of Douglas' Engels Puzzlers.
Puzzler - Engel's IslandOne of the lesser known versions of Puzzler by Douglas Engel.

Pyraminx (Tomy 1982)A version distributed by Tomy in a square package.
Pyraminx CubeThe elementary strategy with only two types of operations only.
Pyraminx Magic Barrel (Junior)Junior variant. This mockup was never put into production.

Row by RowOrganize pieces in rows or columns.
Rubik Cubik MagikKanda Publications

Rubik's Cube Card GameA card game of bids, tricks & trumps.
Rubik's Cube Halloween CostumeOnly the mask is shown here.
Rubik's Cube Key Chain (Ideal)The original 1982 Rubik's Cube Key Chain by Ideal.

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